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.: Волощенко П.Ю. :.
Candidate of technical science, associate professor

Voloschenko Petr Yurievich (08.09.1951, Taganrog, Rostov region), candidate of technical science, associate professor.

Labor activity and scientific effort are connected with TSURE. In 1973 he obtained a distinction on specialty of electronic devices and got a qualification of electronics engineer. In 1984 he defended Ph. D. thesis. He's been a senior researcher since 1988 and associate professor since 1993.

Area of scientific interests: mathematical modeling and experimental simulation of processes in super-high-speed microelectronic wave structures, projection of microwave solid-state devices. About 100 scientific works were published on the subject of researches.

Voloschenko P.Y. is the author of a number of proprietary designs, which are used in projects ("Pobeditel", "Mayak", "Parus" Moscow) with 6 confirmation patents and author's certificates.


  1. electronics and microelectronics
  2. electro technology and electronics
  3. electronics
  4. vacuum and plasma electronics
  5. application of electronic devices
  6. physics of microwave frequency
  7. physics of microwave frequency processes
  8. fundamentals of optics
List of publications
  1. Voloschenko P.Y. Algorithm of analysis impedance characteristics of element in oscillating system in multistructural avalanche diode// The Electronics, 1999. №6. p. 61-67.
  2. Voloschenko P.Y. Modulation analysis of diffused field of trumpet antenna with amplifier on avalanche diode// The radio engineering and electronics, 1999. №4. p.482-484.
  3. Verevkina L.S., Voloschenko P.Y., Voloschenko Y.P. Research of one-dimensional microelectronic wave structure
  4. Patent №2190921 RF, microwave frequency generator
  5. Voloschenko P.Y., Voloschenko Y.P. Physical foundations of design of microelectronic antiradar covering.
  6. Voloschenko P.Y., Voloschenko Y.P. Foundations of nonlinear theory of anti-radar microwave frequency facilities.
  7. Voloschenko P.Y., Spiridonov B.G. Modelling of radiation field of fragment of integrated circuit.
  8. Voloschenko P.Y., Voloschenko Y.P. Modelling of microelectronic microwave frequency wave structure.


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