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Eugene B. Mekhantsev
e-mail: kes@fep.tsure.ru

Eugene B. Mekhantsev was born in 1932, in Russia. In 1955 he graduated the Leningrad electrotechnical institute in speciality of radioengineering. Since Janyary of 1956 he began to work on the K & PRA departament of Taganrog Radioengineering Institute. He worked from assistant to professor, since 1995. In 1965 he maintained thesis for a Doctors degree.
The field of interests in microelectronics. Under the supervision of L. Kolesov, in the force of his collaborators, he began the developtment of this orientation of sience in institute and in Russia.
The main result were achieved elaboration of integrated circuits projecting methods. Later on there was a creation of new class of integal schems like electronic commutators for computational systems and digital communications, researching of creation principles of micropowerful LSI on the base of field transistors.
He published more then 100 of scientific and methodical works, got approx 30 of authers certificates and prepared 16 doctors from the number of his post-graduates.
In the area of pedagogical and scientific-methodical works he read curses of microelectronical and constructional profiles. For example, it was Theoretical basis of microelectronics, Theoretical basis of REA and ECA and so on.
There are his characteristic publications:
  • Eugene B. Mekhantsev. The calculation of galvanic and capacious communications in the systems with plane electrody (Training appliance) - Taganrog Radiotechnical Institute, Taganrog, 1977.
  • L. Kolesov, R. Kilmetov, E. Mekhantsev. The calculation of characteristic of R-C-VR structure with heterogencity of capacious as to p-n transition. (An article) - Academy of science AN USSR, N2, 1966.
  • K.Dedulin, R. Kilmetov, E. Mekhantsev. A digital matrix commutator KM1509K1 (An article in the journal) - Electronic Industry N 6, 1984.
  • E. Mekhantsev, R. Kilmetov. Two-digit physic-topological model and working mechanism of field transistor. (An article) - Electronic technics, publication N 3, Microelectronics, 1989.
  • E. Mekhantsev, R. Kilmetov. An economic difference scheme for problem of the calculation of semi-conductor devices. (An article) - Electronic modeling t.9, N 2, 1987.
  • V. Gavrilyuk, E. Mekhantsev, R. Kilmetov. Logic circuits on the complementary field transistors with negative-going and positive-going transition. (An article) - An Electronic technics publication N 3, Microelectronics, 1988.
  • E. Mekhantsev, R. Kilmetov. Anallysis, scientific research of the characteristics of elements by integrated circuits on the basis of physic-topological model. (Training appliance). TRTU 1997, 5 l

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