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Evgeniu B. Lukyanenko
Candidate of Engineering Science, Senior Lecturer
e-mail: kes@fep.tsure.ru

Evgeniu B. Lukianenko was born on May 10 1940 in one Taganrog.
In 1964 has ended the Taganrog radio institute on a speciality "Designing and "know-how" of radio equipment". With 1965 worked in problematic laboratory, Special designer bureau of the Taganrog radio institute. In 1976, after judgment of a scientific degree of the candidate of engineering science, is selected on the position of the assistant of faculty KREA, and in 1979 - on the position of the senior lecturer of faculty KREA. In 1982 the scientific rank of the senior lecturer is assigned. The general experience of activity 35 years, pedagogical experience - 24 years.
During activity on faculty has prepared and read the lectures at courses: "microelectronics", "Radio components ECA", "Designing and production of radio equipment", "Designing and production of microcircuits", "a Fundamentals of circuitry ECA", "Application of microcircuits and microprocessors in EVA", "Mathematical modelling in microelectronics", "Designing of radio electronic means".
The main exploratory interests concentrated in the field of mining microcircuits and other radio electronic clusters with usage of the programs of mathematical modelling and mining of the designer documentation with usage of the appropriate programs.
Has 70 published scientific and methodical activities, is awarded with three medals .VDNH.
  • Lukianenko E.B. Designing of integrated circuits with usage of the program ITM.
  • Research of ring generators in the program Design Center. Transactionses by a Footstep of the All-Russia technological conference "Actual problems of a solid-state electronics engineering and microelectronicses" - Taganrog, 1998

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