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Kovalev Andrey Vladimirovich
Cand.Eng.Sc., associate professor of computer devices designing department
e-mail: kes@fep.tsure.ru

Andrey V. Kovalev graduated from the Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering in 1998 with a Diploma in computer devices designing and technology. He received a Candidate of Engineering Science degree in Microelectronics and CAD systems for ASIC in 2001. A thesis is "Research and Development of Methods of Digital ASIC Design". From 2001 till 2002 he worked as an assistant professor of computer devices designing department. Since 2002 he work as an associate professor of computer devices designing department.
He is a supervisor of two R&D works, an executor of experimental science work and a co- executor of 4 R&D works also.
Field of scientific interests: microelectronics, automation methods and CAD systems for ASIC.
Experience in the following areas:
  • C/C++ programming for Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95 by C++ Builder (primary) and Visual C ++ (experience 3 years);
  • OpenGL programming (experience 1 year);
  • Development of ASIC EDA (experience 5 years);
  • Designing ASIC/FPGA in VHDL (experience 2 years).
Author of the following projects:
  • ASIC layout editor;
  • Software for placement and routing of ASIC blocks;
  • SRAM compiler;
  • Software for reliability analysis of robust systems;
  • IP-cores of videoprocessor.
Selected publications:
  • Kovalev A.V., Konoplev B.G. The Placement Coding of Any Sized VLSI Blocks by Di-rected Graph. // Proceedings of the international conferences "Artificial Intellectual Sys-tems" (IEEE AIS ' 02) and "Intellectual CAD" (CAD-2002). The scientific edition. - M.: Publishing House of the Physical and Mathematical Literature, 2002. pp. 308-314. (in Russian);
  • Konoplev B.G., Ryndin E.A., Kovalev A.V. An Embedded Static RAM Generator Based on a Parameterized Library // Paper will be published at The 5th International Confer-ence on ASIC (ASICON 2003) that will be held on October 21-24, 2003 in Beijing, China (in English);
  • Kovalev A.V., Konoplev B.G. VLSI Block Placement With Directional Graphs Based On the New Non-Slicing Representation. // Proceedings of 2002 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Systems (ICAIS 2002), Divnomorskoe, Russia, September, 2002. - pp. 414-417. (in English);
  • Kovalev A.V. The Method of Synthesis of Synchronization Circuits for VLSI Elements. // Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference "Actual Problems of Solid-State Elec-tronics and Microelectronics " (PEM-2002). Divnomorskoye, Russia, 2002. V.2. pp. 51 - 52. (in Russian);
  • Kovalev A.V. The Method of VLSI Trigger Cluster Generation. // Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference "Electronics and Computer Science 2002 ". Moscow, 2002. V.1. pp. 341 - 343. (in Russian).

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