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Fomichov A.V.
Associate professor
e-mail: kes@fep.tsure.ru

Was born on march, 27,1952 in Taganrog, Rostov Region.
In 1974 he graduated with honour from the Taganrog Radiotechnical In-stitute (TRTI) as a specialist in electronic devices.
Since 1974 he worked as a Superion Engineer and a Scientific Employce in the TRTI'S Scientific and Research Institute. Then he was an aspirant and a assistant and since 1986 a docent of the TRTI'S subfaculty of Construction.
For several years he was a responsible executor and vice-chief of a series of works agrud by contract.
He made investigation in the field of profecting, modelling and realising of microelectronics Big Integral Schemes (BIS) and Superbig Integral Schemes (SBIS).
About go Scientific and Systematic works were published. 14 Copy-rights and 5 Patients of Rossia were obtained. He was rewarded with a silver medal of The Ehsibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR.
  • Ponomaryov M.F., Konoplyov B.G., Fomichov A.V. Basic Matrix Crystals. Projecting of specialised BIS on their Basis. M., Radio and Connection , 1985., 80p.
  • Ponomaryov M.F., Konoplyov B.G., Fomichov A.V. Survey on Elec-tronic Technique. Multilevel logical elements and BIS devices. M., 1982, ISSUE 2 (879). Ser.3 Microelectronics, 54p.
  • Fomichov A.V. New directions in Construction and Technology of SBIS. Works of the Fourth All-Russia. Scientific and Technical Conference with Internatuinal Participance "Actual Problems of Solid Electronics and Microelectronics", Taganrog, TRTU, 1997.

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