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History of department

The Department of Electronic Apparatuses Design is one among oldest departments of university. It was founded in 1955 and named as Department of radio equipment engineering and productions. Associate professor N.K. Ivanov-Esipovich was the first department chair.
  • Since 1958 until 1969 associate professor L.N. Kolesov was a chair. The applied-research and problem laboratories was founded at this time. The first in USSR chips was produced in this laboratories. The first All-Union microelectronics conferences was carried out.
  • Since 1969 until 1979 professor M.F. Ponomarev was a chair. During this period the wide academic and methodical work was realized. In particular 4 books in IC design was issued, the two ones are textbooks. The 6-th All-Union methodical seminar in electronic equipment design was carried out in 1971. The department has been the first owner of computer SM-2 in the university.
  • In 1971 the department was splitted into two part and was named as department of design and automation of computing and electronic equipment.
  • Since 1979 until 1985 professor V.M. Kureichik was a chair. He was the first Doctor of Engineering Science on the department. It was a beginning of wide application of CAD in academic facilities. The Postgraduate Studies in CAD was organized.
  • In 1985 the department was splitted again and was named as Department of Electronic Apparatuses Design.
  • Since 1989 until 1999 professor L.A. Boli was a chair. The department got 2 display rooms. Two facilities defended a Doctor of Engineering Science thesis.
  • Since 1999 until 2000 professor E.B. Mehantsev was a chair. During this period the department got many new computers.
  • Since 1999 until 2000 associate professor E.T. Zamkov was a chair. In 2001 for the first time in Russia was founded a new Field of Study 201900 - Microsystems Engineering.
  • Since 2001 until 2004 associate professor E.A. Ryndin was a chair.
  • Since 2004 professor S.P. Malyukov is acting department chair.
There are 4 professors, 6 associate professor and one senior instructor on the department. The department owns an excellent material and technical basis for preparing the students in the following Fields of Study:
The department graduates specialists which falls into a categories:
  • Bachelor (4 years to study);
  • Masters (6 years to study) differed with Core Courses:
  • 211000 - "Design and Technology in Electronic Engineering";
  • 222900 - "Nanotechnology and microsystem technics";
During the department activity
- more than 1500 bachelors, engineers and masters in 220500 Field of Study was graduated (since 1956 until 2001);
- 4 textbook and 2 monograph was issued:
  • Ermolaev U.P., Ponomarev M.F., Krukov U.G. Constructions and technology of IC / (Hybrid Microcircuit and Big Hybrid Microcircuit). Textbook for institutes of higher education. - M.: Sov. Radio, 1980. - 256 p.
  • Ponomarev M.F. Constructions and design IC and microelements of computers. - M.: Radio i svyas, 1982. - 288 p.
  • Ponomarev M.F., Konoplev B.G., Fomichev A.V. Matrix Gate Arrays: Design of specialized IC. - M.: Radio i svyas, 1985. - 80 p.
  • Ponomarev M.F., Konoplev B.G. Design of IC and microprocessors. - M.: Radio i svyas, 1986. - 176 p.
  • Microelectronics. Textbooks for institutes of higher education. 9 books / Under reduction of L.A. Koledov. Book 3. Matrix Gate Arrays and Programmable Logic ICs / M.F. Ponomarev, B.G. Konoplev. - M.: Vyssh. shk, 1987. - 94 p.
  • Ryndin E.A., Konoplev B.G. Submicron ICs: the element basis and design. - Taganrog: Iz-vo TRTU, 2001. 147 p.

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