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    Dean of the College of Electronics and Electronic Equipment Engineering

    Boris G. Konoplev

    Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor

    Boris Georgievich Konoplev was born on 24 January 1951 in Russia. He graduated from the Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering (former Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute) in 1973 with a Diploma in Radio Engineering. He received a Candidate of Engineering Science degree in Microelectronics in 1978 and a Doctor of Engineering Science degree in both Computer Aided Design Systems and Microelectronics in 1990 (both from the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute).

    From 1973 till 1974 he worked as an engineer at the Research Department of the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute; from 1974 till 1975 he worked as an assistant professor of Radio and Manufacturing Engineering; from 1975 till 1978 he was a graduate student and lecturer in Microelectronics, and worked as a senior research assistant at the Research Institute of Modeling and Control Systems, Taganrog; from 1978 till 1978 he worked as a senior researcher at the Research Department; 1978 till 1989 he worked as an associate professor; from 1979 till 1982 he kept the position of deputy dean of the College of Microelectronics Engineering.

    In 1989 he was promoted to a professor position of the Department of Electronic Engineering. In 1992 he was elected to the position of a dean of the College of Electronics and Manufacturing Engineering. He keeps these positions until the present time and combines them with work as a chief researcher and expert.

    Dr. Konoplev has conducted research in several areas of Electronics and Computer Engineering: modeling of electron devices, microelectronics, very large scale integration (VLSI), application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), computer aided design and VLSI design tools. He published more 150 professional papers in journals and conferences. He has also 29 patents.

    Dr. Konoplev is an Active Member of International Informatization Academy, a Member of South Section of Technology Academy of Russia, a Member of the Popov Sosiety. In 1983 he received the First Prize of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education and Gold Medal for achievements in researches.

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