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    "Medical Information Systems"

    September, 13-16
    Conference Organizers and Sponsors
    Conference Committee
    Conference Secretariat
    Time Schedule
    Brief history
    Conference Venue
    Exhibition facilities
    Call for papers
    Paper submission rules
    Conference fee
    Related topics

    Conference Organizers and Sponsors

    Conference Committee

    Zakharevithch V.G. - Chairman, Rector of TSURE, Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof., Taganrog
    Popechitelev E.P. - Vice-chairman, Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof., St. Petersburg
    Timoshenko V.I., - Vice-chairman, Head of the Department of Electrohydroacoustical and Medical Engineering, Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof., Taganrog
    Starchenko I.B. - Honoured Secretary of the conference, Cand. of Eng. Sc., Docent, Taganrog
    Baginskiy B.A. - Prof., Tomsk
    Bozgitch V.I. - Prof., Taganrog
    Grinberg Ya.Z. - Director of Joint-stock company Special Design Office "Rithm", Taganrog
    Dmitriyev G.G. - Prof. Tver'
    Zakharov S.M. - Director of Scientific industry commercial firm "Medikom MTD", Taganrog
    Koretsky A.A. - Director of TSURE "Tekhnocenter". Taganrog
    Kuraev G.A. - Prof., Rostov-on-Don
    Nepomnyaschiy A.V. - Prof., Taganrog
    Omelchenko V.P. - Prof., Rostov-on-Don
    Samoilov V.O. - Prof., St. Petersburg
    Sakharov V.L. - Docent, Taganrog
    Surzenko I.F. - Director of Scientific Design Office "Mius", Taganrog
    Shchukin S.I. - Prof., Moscow

    Conference Secretariat

    Vishnevetskiy Vyacheslav Yurievitch
    Mukhortova Anastasia Aleksandrovna

    Tel: +7 8634 371795
    Address: 347922 Russia, Taganrog, Shevchenko, 2, Building "E", Department of Electrohydroacoustical and Medical Engineering, E-313.

    Time Schedule

    Submit papers - deadline June, 1.
    Conference fee - deadline September, 1.

    Arrival - September, 12-13.
    Departure - September, 15-16.

    Brief history

    Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering jointly with Medical Engineering Academy of Russian Federation and International Academy of Energetic Information Science during the last 30 years once in two years organizes the scientific conference with international participation on the problems connected with investigations and design ideas in the area of medical and information technologies, biomedical apparatus for the purposes of diagnostics, treatment and correction.

    The main objectives and tasks are:

    • discussion of being achieved results and designs in the area of medical information technologies;
    • analysis of the problems, perspectives and achieved level of practical application of these technologies in the educational and medical establishments, industrial enterprises of medical equipment;
    • acquaintance with modern soft- and hardware in biomedical researches;
    • exchange of the teaching experience of biomedical disciplines in higher educational institutions.

    Generally the conference takes place at September in Taganrog, Russia, in the Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering. The amount of participants - about 100-150 persons, including 10-15 persons from the post-soviet countries.


    I. Methods and models of estimation and correction of psycho-physiological state of operator.

    II. Hard- and software of medical diagnostics and treatment.

    III. Ultrasonic and acoustical devices in biomedical practice.

    IV. Human information-psychological security.

    V. Engineering education in the areas of biomedicine and information-psychological security.


    Russian, English.

    Conference Venue

    The conference takes place in the Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering in Taganrog, Russia.

    Taganrog is a beautiful, green South-Russia town with population about 300,000 situated on the scenic bank of Azov sea. It looks like a bird spreading wide its wings and stretching its bill deep in sea. Tagarog has an over 300 yeas history. It was found at 1698 by First Russian Imperior Peter the Great as a castle on the cape of Taganiy Rog (meaning "horn"). The monument to Peter the Great salutes the ships arriving the comfortable harbour.
    Taganrog has a great history, firstly as a fortification, then as a trading center due to its sea port, and nowadays it is industrial and scientific center of North Caucasus Region of Russia.
    Taganrog is also a cultural center, it's a birthplace of world famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov, many historical places and literature museum are connected with his name.
    Taganrog is welcome to the visitors and especially September is very nice time here.

    Registration, plenary meeting and section meetings will take place in the building "E", Shevchenko, 2, rooms 306, 301, exhibition - "Technocenter", Petrovskaya.

    Exhibition facilities

    Generally the conference is accompanied with the exhibition of software products, complex systems of medical diagnostics, hardware, models and printed matter, produced by Design Offices and firms, mentioned in the part Organizers and Sponsors. Exhibition takes place in the TSURE "Tekhnocenter".

    There will be possibility to organize mini-exhibition space available for guest organizations and persons wishing to exhibit hardware, software, products, services and literature relating to the theme of the conference. Further details are available from the Conference Secretariat.

    Call for papers

    For the conference admission one must send by ordinary mail or e-mail to the Conference Committee the following documents:
    • registration form (sample);
    • final paper (sample);
    • expert's conclusion (for the Russian participants only);
    • copy of the payment document;
    • review of off-site organization (advisable, not obligatory).

    Paper submission rules

    Papers (1 full page for short thesis, 2 and more pages for full article) are presented in a form of text, Times New Roman, 14 pt, formatted and printed through 1 interval on one side of each sheet of a paper of А4 format on laser or ink printer, fields - all 2 cm. In the top right corner - UDK (for Russian only), then after interval HEADING -capital letters, bold and centered, then after interval - authors - low case letters and centered, then organization name, address, telephones, fax, e-mail - low case letters, italic and centered. Main text - new paragraph 1.25 cm; Times New Roman, 14 pt, fit to page. Preferable word processor - Word for Windows. Formulas should be done in corresponding editors, font not less then of the main text, enumeration if necessary. Figures in standard graphic formats (bmp, jpg, tif, vds, etc) may be either inside the main text or in separate files. List of literature is situated single interval after the main text, starting from the word "LITERATURE", centered, then follows numerated list, formatted according to common rules.

    Papers are sent on the diskette (along with hard copy) or by e-mail as attached files.


    The Conference Proceedings will be published in collection "Izvestia TRTU" (TSURE Proceedings), included to the list of editions recommended by the Highest Attestation Board of Russian Federation for publication of post-doctoral research results.
    The publication is possible only in the case of observing all rules of paper submission and payment of the conference fee (see below).

    Conference fee

    Conference fee constitutes 200 roubles per one page (+50 roubles per every next page) for Russian participants and 20$ (+5$) for foreigners.

    Deadline is September, 1.

    Related topics

    Additional and new coming information on this site and by telephone and e-mail, mentioned in the part Conference Secretariat.

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