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    "Ecology 2004 - Sea and Human"

    September, 15-17
    Conference Organizers and Sponsors
    Conference Committee
    Conference Secretariat
    Time Schedule
    Brief history
    Conference Venue
    Call for papers
    Paper submission rules
    Conference fee
    Related topics

    Conference Organizers and Sponsors
    • International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences (IAEMNPS), North Caucasus regional branch;
    • Russian Acoustical Society; Youth branch;
    • Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering (TSURE);
    • Municipality of Taganrog.

    Conference Committee

    Rogalev V.A., (Co-chairman), President of IAEMNPS, Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof.
    Tarasov S.P., (Co-chairman), President of IAEMNPS North Caucasus regional branch, Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof.
    Timoshenko V.I. , (Co-chairman), president of Russian Acoustical Society Youth branch, Head of the Department of Electrohydroacoustical and Medical Engineering, Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof.
    Dem'yannikov A.I., Honoured Secretary of IAEMNPS, Cand. of Ph.-Math. Sc.
    Voronin V.A., Honoured Secretary of IAEMNPS North Caucasus regional branch, Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof.
    Yegorova I.P., Main State sanitary inspector of Taganrog Zone, Doctor of Med. Sc., Prof.
    Pecar' Ya. A., Vice-president of IAEMNPS North Caucasus regional branch.
    Popov S.V., Chief of Azov special marine inspection of Ministry of nature of Russian Federation.
    Borisov S.A., Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof.
    Zagrai N.P., Doctor of Eng. Sc., Prof.
    Chernov N.N., Cand. of Eng. Sc. Docent.
    Kutsenko T.N., Cand. of Eng. Sc. Docent.

    Conference Secretariat

    Goncharenko Valentina Romanovna
    Konovalova Svetlana Sergeevna
    Solodkova Lubov' Vitalievna

    Tel.: +7 8634 371795, +7 8634 310635
    Mailing address: 347928, Russia, taganrog, GSP-17a, Nekrasovsky, 44, TSURE, Department of Electrohydroacoustical and Medical Engineering.

    Time Schedule

    Submit abstracts - deadline April, 30
    Submit final papers - deadline May, 10
    Conference fee - deadline April 30

    Arrival - September, 14-15
    Departure - September, 17-18

    Brief history

    Third All-Russian Scientific Conference with International Participation "Ecology 2004 - Sea and Human" will be held in the third time. The first conference took place at September 14-16, 2000, in Taganrog, the second one - at September, 2002. The newest technologies, aimed on the ecology problems were discussed there. The concentration was made on the ecological problems of oceans, seas and interior water basins.

    The present conference will be held at September, 15-17 according to the decision of the previous one. The widening of the geography of the conference is observed. The topics of the conference keep the same. The methods and means of ecological monitoring of water basins, problems of radiation safety, problems of environment and human health, new ecologically clear technologies and energy sources, ecological education and culture will be discussed.


    • methods and means of ecological monitoring of water basins;
    • environment and human health;
    • new ecologically clear technologies and energy sources;
    • economics and law in the area of environment protection;
    • ecological education and culture;
    • problems of radiation safety;
    • clear water and clear air;
    • geodynamical safety;
    • systems and methods of alarm and defence in the state of emergency;
    • industry and transport safety;
    • mathematical modeling of ecological systems.


    Russian, English

    Conference Venue

    The conference takes place in the Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering in Taganrog, Russia.

    Taganrog is a beautiful, green South-Russia town with population about 300,000 situated on the scenic bank of Azov sea. It looks like a bird spreading wide its wings and stretching its bill deep in sea. Taganrog has an over 300 yeas history. It was found at 1698 by First Russian Emperor Peter the Great as a castle on the cape of Taganiy Rog (meaning "horn"). The monument to Peter the Great salutes the ships arriving the comfortable harbour.
    Taganrog has a great history, firstly as a fortification, then as a trading center due to its sea port, and nowadays it is industrial and scientific center of North Caucasus Region of Russia.
    Taganrog is also a cultural center, it's a birthplace of world famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov, many historical places and literature museum are connected with his name.
    Taganrog is welcome to the visitors and especially September is very nice time here.

    Registration, plenary meeting and section meetings will take place in the building "E", Shevchenko, 2, rooms 301, 306.

    Call for papers

    For the conference admission one must send by ordinary mail or e-mail to the Conference Committee the following documents:
    • registration form (sample); deadline April, 30
    • copy of the payment document; deadline April, 30
    • final paper (sample); deadline May, 10
    • review of off-site organization; deadline May, 10

    Paper submission rules

    Papers are presented in a form of text, formatted and printed through 1,5 intervals on one side of each sheet of a paper of А4 format on laser or ink printer, fields - all 4 cm.
    Heading - Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold, capital letters and centered.
    Authors -two intervals after heading, Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold, low case letters and centered.
    Main text - new paragraph 1.25 cm; Times New Roman, 12 pt, figures must be put in the table (without boundaries) consisting of two rows, in the upper row - the figure, in the lower row - the figure number and title, centered; heading of the table is situated after an inscription Table (aligned right, if there are more then one table they must be enumerated), centered; formulas must be put in the table (without boundaries) consisting of one row and two columns (second column - 2 cm), in the first column - formula, centered, in the second row - its number in brackets aligned right; list of literature is situated two intervals after the main text, starting from the word "LITERATURE", centered, then follows numerated list, formatted according to common rules.
    Paper volume - 5-6 pages.

    Papers are sent on the diskette (along with hard copy) or by e-mail as attached files.


    The Conference Proceedings will be published in collection "Izvestia TRTU" (TSURE Proceedings).
    The publication is possible only in the case of observing all rules of paper submission and payment 60 roubles per page of publication.

    Conference fee

    Conference fee constitutes 360 roubles for Russian participants and 30$ for foreigners.

    Additionally one must pay 60 roubles (for Russians) and 5$ (for foreigners) per one page of publication.

    Deadline is April 30

    Related topics

    Additional and new coming information on this site and by telephone and e-mail, mentioned in the part Conference Secretariat.

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