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    Scientific works

    Digital Filters

    One of articles of scientific work of the department is work in exploration and developing of theory, structures, methods and algorithms of practical realization of digital recursive FIR filters (RFIRF).

    Usually ordinary non-recursive FIR filters have FIR, recursive- IIR. The first, unlike the second, can have linear phase response (PR), but demands more computational. RFIRF also can have linear PR, but it demands much lower computational burden in comparison with non- recursive. Till recent time were known RFIRF with primitive pulse response: rectangle ore as complex exponent with rectangle envelope. By the staff of the department (working group supervised by assistant professor Turulin I.I.) developed theoretical bases of RFIRF and realized suitable methodology of synthesis, let to get RFIRF with arbitrary FIR, which provide considerable (in 10 times) profit in comparison with FIR. Developed structures of non- focused radio echo-ranging systems with synthetic aperture on the base of the RFIRF. In these structures systems of primary and second-order processing of information united in in-line former of image. For example, image former with discrimination 1m x 1m demands in 50 times less computational burden, than traditional. If discrimination is increasing, advantages are increasing too.

    Areas of applying of RFIRF are areas where applied filters of high levels with linear phase response:

    • spatial filtration, especially with synthesizing of aperture;
    • image processing;
    • optimal signal filtration;
    • correlation analysis;
    • delta sum ADC.

    On results of work published about 40 works, 1 monograph, defended bachelor degree (assistant Schushkevich T.V.), prepared to defense doctor degree (assistant professor Turulin I.I.)

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