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    Adaptive Systems of Data Acquisition and Transmittion of Information

    In the early 80-ties the Chair and the Department N 21 of the Research & Design Office «MIUS» joined the Program of Development & Introduction of new Technologies into practice of transmission . The program was conducted by the Research & Production association «Energy» (Moscow). The main point of the program was the research that concerned the efficiency of signals compression methods for telemetric systems.

    As a result it was developed the stepped algorithm of analog signals compression with high degree of efficiency and integral performance possibility. The novelty of solution is confirmed by the copyright certificate (authors: L.K. Samoylov, V.B. Nosikov, S.P. Tiajkun). The obtained results provide the continuation of the work in the stage of creation of the Adaptive Telemetric System. On the basis of this research the thesis for a master’s degree was defended (author Nosikov V.B.). Graduating students and employees of the department of assemblies joined the research and development of assemblies and subsystems of Compression-Reconstruction Canal. Under the management of S.V. Levonuk there was developed the microprocessor subsystem of signal reconstruction. In 1985 the working group under the leadership of L.K. Samoylov (consisted of N.I. Makovei, I.E. Doronin, A.G. Orobenko) developed the computer automatic system of adaptive telemetric systems research & implemented it at RPA «Energy».

    L.K. Samoylov, I.E. Doronin, V.V. Sarychev modified the stepped algorithm of compression and also got the Copyright Certificate. In 1987 the work went on to experimental stage providing the creation of experimental model of adaptive Telemetric System. The work was also managed by RPA «Energy» group, consisted also of cosmonauts Rukavishnikov and Grechko. Under the leadership of chief designer L.K. Samoylov and leading designer V.V. Sarichev the experimental model of 16-canal Adaptive Telemetric system (in board performance) was developed and tested. The experimental model was included into the list of equipment for complex «Buran». V.V. Sarichev got the Copyright Certificate of adaptation apparatus and in 1992 defended the thesis for master’s Degree.

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