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    List of teachers

    Palazienko Alexander Anatoljevich

    Bachelor of Science

    Alexander Anatoljevich Palazienko was born in 1968 in Taganrog (Russia). He graduated from the Taganrog State University (former Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute) in 1990 with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. He received the Bachelor of Science degree in Information Processing and Control Systems in 1996 (from the Taganrog State University).

    Palazienko Alexander Anatoljevich

    Since 1990 he worked at the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute. Till 1994 he was at first a major and then a leading engineer at the Research Department of the Institute as a responsible executor of research projects. Since 1994 he works at the department of Automated Research Systems as an assistant at first and after 1997 as an assistant professor. He developed and delivered lectures on several courses, including "Applied Information Science", "Metrology and Measuring Techniques", "Theory and Technology of Tests", “Geographic and Land-information Systems” and “Land Cadastre”.

    His research activities concentrate in the areas of Digital Signal Processing (sampling theory, spatial-temporal filtering in antenna arrays, computer simulation) and Inquiry Expert Systems Creation (systems of geographical information control, systems of graphic databases control, expert systems of industrial processes control). As a result of his scientific research about 30 scientific works were published, 6 training-methodical works, and about 18 reports at scientific conferences were made.

    Among published works:

    • Samoilov L.K., Palazienko A.A. " Hydroacoustic Antenna Array with Multibeam Orientation Diagram Stabilization Algorithm ". Transaction on XXXIX Scientific Conference of Taganrog State University of Radioengineering. Taganrog, 1993, p. 94-95.
    • Palazienko A.A. "Analysis of the Ship Rocking Errors while Multibeam Orientation Diagram Forming". Transaction on XXXX Scientific Conference of Taganrog State University of Radioengineering. Taganrog, 1995, p. 104-106.
    • Samoilov L.K., Beliakov S.L., Palazienko A.A. "Experts System of Water-Supply Parameters Control". "Devices and Systems of Control". 1995, N6.
    • Samoilov L.K., Palazienko A.A. GPS .Global satellite system of definition. Izvestia TRTU. Special release "Materials XLVII scientific and technical conferences". Taganrog: TSURE, 2002. N1(24), p. 106.
    • Palazienko A. A. Peculiarities of GIS structure in control of moving objects. Transaction of teachers Scientific Conference of Taganrog State University of Radioengineering. Taganrog, 2003.
    • Belyakov S.L., Samoylov L.K., Palazienko A.A. Peculiarities of factory cadastre systems usage. Geoinformatics, geodesy, mark sheidery. (The collection of reports on international scientific conference, Donetsk, 1-3 of October 2003)- Donetsk, 2003. - 130 p. P.17-21.

    The list of taught courses:

    • Applied Information Science.
    • Organization and Technology of Tests.
    • Geographic and Land Information Systems.
    • Land Cadastre.
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