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Main provision.

    1. Purpose and task of training for Master of Science.

The purpose of training for Master of Science is co-ordination between education system of university and requirements of the Federal laws ďAbout high and post-graduate educationĒ, provision of profound professional specialization for possession of skills of researching and scientific-pedagogical work.

Training for Master of Science bases on the Federal education act and carries out according to the programs, which are fixed in the license of the Ministry general and vocational training of Russian Federation.

There are following master programs for the direction 551500 ďDevice makingĒ:

    1. General characteristic.
    2. Appropriated degree Ė ďMaster of device makingĒ. Master must be trained for independent activity, requiring wide education according to the direction and profound professional specialization, possession of researching skills and scientific-pedagogical work, and also for studying on the post-graduate courses ÔÓ ÓšŪÓÔūÓŰŤŽŁŪŻž ŮÔŚŲŤŗŽŁŪÓŮÚˇž.

      Scopes of professional activity of master are: scientific and research and production establishments and organizations of different pattern of ownership, nation and not nation, low, special and high education institutes


    3. The procedure of entering masterís course.

The entrance at the definite masterís courses is realized according to the competition for the next following person:

Entrance examination is formed by rectorís order for organizing masterís admission. Candidates grant the next following document in the entrance examination:

Competitive measures include:

    1. The contents of masterís treatment.

Educational professional masterís program consists of two parts: education and research. Masterís treatment provides active self-contained masterís work in all type of lessons. That is why, individual masterís work plan is create. It is based on the education plan of masterís treatment in the third level education program, with compensation topic singularity of masterís dissertation. The current control of the individual plan execution is entrusted to the masterís instructor. Master must report about his (her) progress on the pulpit conference every semester.

Educational part includes the next following subjects: philosophy, scientific creation method, foreign language, additional chapters of natural-scientific and humanitarian subjects, specific subjects. There are lectures according hours, provided with education plan, in the foregoing subjects. Current attestation provides in the all subjects of educational plan by tests and examination.

Contents of scientific and researching work must conform to scientific direction, choosing by master. It is defined concretely in individual plan for every semester by the next forms: abstract obligatory publishing in the scientific magazines, reporting on the students scientific conferences, computer program, theoretical researching, laboratory stand, method of researching and etc.). The form must be coordinated with masterís instructor.

Besides the program must include two type of practice: researching and pedagogical.

The main idea of researching practice is taking part in pulpit researching (or another department of university), and also outside researching enterprise and institutes, according to the choosing topic of masterís course.

The main idea of scientific and pedagogical practice is learning teaching methods of principal teachers of university, attending the professorís lessons in the university, taking part in the preparation and execution laboratory and practical work. Masterís treatment is gotten into practice by having all form of studying:

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